These girls are the best! This is a must have service for your weddings! I am so glad my mother-in-law got this service for us because we had so much family from back east come to our wedding with their little kids and it would have been a disaster to have them all at the boring reception parts, And no one wanted to leave there little ones in hotel rooms with random babysitters so this was so great- they could check on the kids anytime and they were just in the next room, yet they had so much fun stuff set up for them. I would give them 10 stars if possible!!!

Anne 4.23.16

We wanted to thank you and your team for a fantastic night! You services were amazing and your staff really, really are great! I'm still hearing from parents and non-parents alike how impressed they were with the childcare and how happy the kids were.  You were all so sweet and professional and really a huge part of allowing us and our fellow parents to enjoy the wedding and reception.  I have been passing your name and information around and will continue to do so!  Aloha! .

Pudhill/Wasserman (Bride & Groom) – James Leary Flood Mansion, San Francisco

To Jessica and her amazing staff- what can I say except PERFECTION! This was such a nice treat to be able to present a "date night package" to parents at our Music Festival & Concert. Everyone was so impressed that we had thought of everything, and that included an over the top Kids Care for our VIPS! As usual, you brought the party to us and kept the children content and happy 🙂 I look forward to the next one. On behalf of the children, parents & everyone on our team "THANK YOU" for your professionalism and caring staff. The kids love you and so do we! Until the next one..

Karen Waldron – Co EP Cantinas Music Festival, Paso Robles

Best thing we did was decide to have a wedding sitter at our wedding! We had 8 children at our wedding at the Ritz in Dana Point, CA and they had 5 great girls work and help us from start to finish with the kids. First they helped the girls get ready and do photos and then they helped us during the wedding and cocktail hour, then they took the girls to a suite and did all kinds of crafts and activities and feed them, etc! My husband and I were able to have an enjoyable night and yet we were able to still have our daughters and nieces present for the important moments. Thank you so much for the great work girls. Meridith 2016

Ritz Carlton, Dana Point

I could give no less than perfect for LA Wedding Sitter in all categories...which i am normally against- but they handled my situation with the best of care and made it stressless for me, the bride. We had a unique venue that did not have a private or separate room available for the children (which were all mine and groom's nephews) and babysitters- which I was stressed out about because we definitely needed sitter care for these 4 little children prior to and during the ceremony. Jessica with LA Wedding Sitters made this a non-issue and reassured me that all would be fine- and that she would figure someone out. She even visited the venue prior to my wedding day to scope out good areas for them to set up. She took it upon herself to make this her problem and not mine (for lack of a better phrase! She didn't have to do this but she did and this made every penny worth it!!). She emailed me every time anything came up and kept the lines of communication open at all times prior to and during the wedding with either me or the parents. I arrived that day and only got a glimpse of the set up (which they set up 45 minutes prior to the time agreed upon! What great service and so much appreciated by me and the parents of the kids), but all the parents (my sisters) and even my groom raved about how great the set-up was and how much the little boys enjoyed being there. I never even considered getting a babysitter at the beginning of the planning of this, but thank goodness we found L.A. Wedding Sitter because this turned out to be a HUGE success and much needed. I recommend them to anyone who is considering tis option- they are extremely personable and professional and well-priced- and worth every penny. Please contact me with any questions or if you want further description of their amazing services!! Lindsey Duran(Bride) 

Point Vincente, Rancho Palos Verdes Estates

I was a guest at my close friend's wedding and was so happy that she chose this babysitting service. I couldn't believe the ratio of adults to children (I think there were at least 5 babysitters for 10 babies!), and the babysitters were really proactive about finding diapers amidst the chaos, labeling things, and most important, having a positive, fun attitude. Whenever I went to nurse my baby I heard them singing fun songs and playing games with the kids . . . they fed my baby (10 months) snacks I brought and also food served by the bride. Then, they gave him a little goody bag filled with fun stuff that really came in handy on our flight home to Boston. I give L.A. Wedding Sitters the highest recommendation. I wish I had been as thoughtful during my wedding planning (7 years ago!) to offer this service. Guest & Mother of Little Guest

Ling Wedding, Private Estate Yorba Linda

Because my fiance and I were getting married in our upper 30s, most of our friends have kids--in some cases, 3-4 kids! We did a rough count, and if every family invited came and brought their kids, we'd have around 140 adults and almost 70 kids! All between the ages of 2 months-13 years. We couldn't fathom that at our wedding, both money-wise and kids-overwhelming-us-wise. So, we made the tough decision of asking families to leave their kids at home. But we knew there were a few out-of-town guests who would be traveling with their young kids and didn't trust leaving their kids with someone they didn't know. I was seriously agonizing about what to do when I came across an ad for LA-Wedding Sitter in a bridal magazine and got super excited. They were exactly what I needed! I am SO SO SO happy we hired them for our wedding. Our wedding was in the backyard of my parents' house, and they set up in the basement and had 9 little guests to watch, ages 2 months-5 years. My guests were so grateful that we offered this service, and it allowed some very dear friends to attend who might not have otherwise. I only had email correspondences with Jessica at L.A.Wedding Sitter and barely interacted with them at all personally the day-of, but they were so organized I didn't worry (except for a couple days lapsed conversation while they were away at an out-of-town wedding). From what I've heard from my guests so far, the babysitters were amazing, and knowing some of the kids they were watching, I know they had their work cut out for them!! I would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them! Alvina Ling (Bride) 

Private Estate, Yorba Linda

We wanted to thank you and your team for a fantastic night! You services were amazing and your staff really, really are great! I'm still hearing from parents and non-parents alike how impressed they were with the childcare and how happy the kids were. You were all so sweet and professional and really a huge part of allowing us and our fellow parents to enjoy the wedding and reception. I have been passing your name and information around and will continue to do so! Aloha! Pudhill/Wasserman (Bride & Groom)

James Leary Flood Mansion, San Francisco

Thank you Jessica and team! Nancy and I heard great things about the kid's room! We appreciate your services and will recommend you to our friends. Thank you!!!! Dr. Darshan & Nancy Shah (Groom & Bride)

Bel Air Bay Club, Pacific Palisades

They showed up on time and sent me pictures of the children during the wedding. I did not get to go visit them as they were in a nearby room but I heard from the parents and the kids that they had a great time and from the look of the pictures, they really did! Margarita(Bride)

La Venta Inn, Rancho Palos Verdes

I cannot recommend The L.A. Wedding Sitter enough, they were worth their weight in gold on our wedding day. All the children and babies had a great time and were very well looked after. All our guests commented on what a great idea it was for the children, it is very difficult for a child to sit through a wedding meal/speeches etc... and the LA Wedding Sitters are just incredible for solving this problem. 
Jessica was very professional and communication was always excellent leading up to our big day(Planning our wedding all the way from England)
The equipment and activities they supplied were plentiful and the children just had such a great time, not one of them requested to return to their parents at any point. 
Thank you so much again to Jessica and her team! xxx Laura & Ben Squires 

Sunset Restaurant, Malibu

I can't say enough good things about Jessica and L.A. Wedding Sitter. The kids had a great time at my daughter's wedding. L.A Wedding Sitter really thought of everything - all we had to provide were kids and dinner. Even the pickiest parents were happy. Nancy Bromall(Bromal/Sparkman Wedding)

Sheraton Delphin Hotel, Santa Monica

L.A. Wedding Sitter is AMAZING!!! We flew in from Ohio to go to our friends' wedding and had no clue who was going to watch our girls. Little did we know that the bride had arranged everything with L.A. Wedding Sitter and it was an answer to our prayers. Our 2 1/2 year old enjoyed crafts and coloring, decorating cookies and cupcakes, playing games, and watching a movie in a safe and comfortable environment in a room at the hotel where the wedding reception took place. She was able to play with her cousins that were also in town for the wedding and meet some friends. My other daughter, was 6 months at the time and I was still nursing her, so when she was hungry, an L.A. Wedding Sitter staff member called me and I was able to leave the wedding for 20 minutes and go and feed her. Both children were supervised during dinner and staff members tended to their every need. I can't thank L.A. Wedding Sitter enough for the service that they provided. My husband and I were able to enjoy ourselves at the wedding reception knowing that our precious children were being well taken care of. Wedding Guest & Mother of Little Guests’(Dinkelman/Cappelletty Wedding)

Sheraton Delphin Hotel, Santa Monica

This babysitting service was very helpful to have at the wedding location for wedding guests traveling from out of town with no other childcare available. Sitters were extremely nice, friendly, and professional and I felt I could trust them with my child. They brought lots of things to entertain the babies and kids and seemed to know how to handle fussiness well. A little expensive, but with no other options and the proximity to the wedding reception made it worth it! Wedding Guest & Mother of Little Guest

The Pelican Hill Resort, Newport Beach

Dear L.A. Wedding Sitter, 
As a bridesmaid at an event that you provided your services, I want to thank you. I was able to be a relaxed bridesmaid during the wedding service and enjoy the reception with my husband knowing my young son was cared for & having fun. I know my son is a handful and your staff and provided kids activities were impressive.Your staff was friendly and professional, as well. Thanks again. I will most definitely be referring friends, co workers and family to L.A. Wedding Sitter. 
Wedding Party Attendant & Mother of Little Guest

San Clemente Community House, San Clemente

Thanks again for a great job Saturday Jessica! You and your staff are exceptional at what you do!!! The children AND the parents were so happy. Everyone had a great time at the wedding, you helped it all run smoothly for us- As always a home run with the L.A. Wedding Sitter! ~Warmly, Karen

Director of Events, Church Estate Vineyards, Malibu

The L.A. Wedding Sitter team was amazing! All of the little guests' parents couldn't thank us enough for them. They really catered to each child with kid friendly food, games, and of course, their supervision over the little ones. They really are professionals! I know that we lifted a huge burden off our guests (the parents of the little ones). by having the L.A. Wedding Sitter team there. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Sarah & Declan(Bride & Groom)

Church Estate Vineyards Malibu

The children had such a good time and their parents were able to eat their dinner and enjoy the party. Some chose to get their children early to join the party but the little ones stayed with the sitters and had a great party of their own. We had one little one that didn't want to stay with the sitters at first but when her parents came to get her later she didn't want to leave. The photos were such fun. It was nice to see what they actually did while they were there. Thank you!! Lori Bloom/ Mostert

Rancho Las Lomas Silverado

Couldn't have been happier with L.A. Wedding Sitter! You and your team were absolutely amazing and so many people commented on it!  Thank You Thank You Thank You! Lisa & Nick Simons

Saddlerock Ranch & Vineyards, Malibu

I can't say enough good things about Jessica and L.A. Wedding Sitter. The kids had a great time at my daughter's wedding. L.A. Wedding Sitter really thought of everything - all we had to provide were kids and dinner. Even the pickiest parents were happy. Nancy Bromall (Bromall/ Sparkman Wedding)

Sheraton Delfina Hotel, Santa Monica, CA

Dear L.A. Wedding Sitter, Thank you for your service for our 30 Little Guests! You and your staff were wonderful! The Vakil’s

St. Regis Hotel Monarch Beach, Dana Point

Dear L.A. Wedding Sitter Thank you for your amazing work as a sitter for our wedding!! Jack and Hadley (as well as the littlest ones...) had a BLAST spending time with you guys and were happily playing with their beach balls all throughout the brunch the next day.  🙂 The parents were also so impressed by your professionalism and felt completely at ease having you care for their children.  They were able to relax and enjoy the party knowing all was well and under control. As a bride, I really appreciated your fast response time and clear communication, and that you were able to work directly with the parents on the details.  It was really helpful for me to know you had that covered! Thank you, Beth & Nik Karlsson 

Shade Hotel, Manhattan Beach

Dear Jessica & L.A. Wedding Sitter Staff I really need you to know that Alex and I both think you saved our reception!!!  We would not have had the party that we planned with out your help!!!  You truly gave us the best service of all and EVERYONE raved about how fantastic you were and how much fun all the kids had. Alex's Aunt Jaci must have told me a million times how great it was to have you there. Also, did I mention that all the mom's kept saying that they would pay anything to have the service you provided and that your company is amazing!. Thank you again, you were amazing. Love the Newlyweds. Karry & Alex Swann

San Clemente Community House, San Clemente

Dear Jessica & L.A. Wedding Sitter Team Thank you so much! Your team did an excellent job, and I am SO GLAD my coordinator suggested hiring you I'd never heard of such a service before. What an excellent idea!  The little ones were having a great time decorating cookies. All the parents were thrilled that they could enjoy the dinner sans kids, and they had the peace of mind knowing that their kids were well-taken care of and having a great time.  My niece Sophie looked comfortable and happy. Both Ben and I were so pleased with your services at our wedding.  Thank you again, and I will happily spread the word about L.A. Wedding Sitter to anyone I know getting married. Sincerely, Ella & Ben Stewart 

Church Estate Vineyards, Malibu

Dear L.A. Wedding Sitter I was so nervous about attending a wedding with my three-year-old who was the Ring Bearer, myself in the wedding party while pregnant with my second child, and my husband the Best Man. I was having a hard time keeping up after my very active son, who was feeling out of sorts being away from home(New York). Jessica completely saved the day with thoughtful, age-appropriate entertainment that kept him occupied for hours and surprising touches like leaving a stuffed animal waiting for him on his chair to keep him quietly entertained during the ceremony. I cannot recommend L.A.  Wedding Sitters highly enough. It's wonderful to be able to include children in such special events and know that they are being so well taken care of and having a blast. Thank you, Jessica and all the L.A. Wedding Sitter staff -- you are a life-saver!! Tania Lee (Wedding Party Attendant & Mother of Little Guest)

LA Quinta Resort Club & Spa, La Quinta

Dear Jessica & L.A. Wedding Sitter Thank you so much for the great pictures and for watching our girls for the Dinkelman/Cappelletty reception. As the pictures show, you provided them with a wonderful experience and allowed my wife, and I to have a wonderful date night experience of our own at the reception. Guest & Father of Little Guests(Dinkelman/Cappelletty Wedding)

Sheraton Delfina Hotel, Santa Monica

Jessica is a long-time friend and colleague, we have worked many weddings together as planner and florist for many years, and now with L.A. Wedding Sitter. Children love her! She gives her undivided attention and they are absorbed, entertained, and stimulated creatively (with seasonal or thematic crafts), imaginatively (treasure hunts and dramatic play), and emotionally. Jessica and her staff can care for newborn - to tweens, giving them a social experience. Jessica is a kid-magnet with skill, charm, energy, and attention, as well as the all important Motherly instinct of protection and safety! Eiryls McKenzie, Event Planner & Wedding Coordinator

Head Over Heels Events

Dear L.A. Wedding Sitter 
I wanted to write and tell you thank you for all your hard work on Jessica and Britton's Wedding. The couple got so many compliments on how well planned out the children's room was and I thank you for that. I look forward to working with you in the future.Thanks again, Lisa Nuttall, PWC
Professional Wedding Consultant

Crystal Clear Weddings & Occasions

L.A.  Wedding Sitter provides the perfect solution to having children at a wedding and they make it so much fun for them to be there.  With creative crafts, friendly staff and unique ideas that coordinate with your wedding, they make sure all the little ones are taken care of.  As a coordinator, clients are always asking me what they should do with the kids and my answer is now call L.A. Wedding Sitter, you will be glad you did! Kerri Hatter, Event Planner & Wedding Coordinator

Kerri Hatter
Greg QuinnTestimonials