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Have no fear, L.A. Wedding Sitter is here! The only premiere on-site, Los Angeles based wedding childcare service. We are the solution to your special day and the answer to every couple’s question, “Do we invite the kids? How will we manage them and keep them entertained so their parents can enjoy themselves?”

Not just a “babysitter service”, we specialize in weddings and events. L.A. Wedding Sitter was created to ensure you have a “baby and kid-friendly” event by creating a fun, supervised environment for the little guests on-site. With more than 15 years of experience in childcare and wedding industry, L.A. Wedding Sitter knows what your special day invovles. Its your big day! Our job is to make you confident and your guests to rest assured that their children are safe and happy just a room away!

Service Southern California – available for rehearsal dinners, ceremonies, cocktail hours, and receptions.

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L.A. Wedding Sitter featured in Ceremony Magazine blog: What to do with the Kids!?

Weddings are beautiful expressions of two individuals coming together to create a new identity, but sometimes in the hustle and bustle of creating these events there are many little details that can be forgotten! One such detail I hadn’t considered was the care-taking of those cute little cousins or nieces and nephews that come to the wedding! How handy would it be to have an outside source completely take care of this little, but potentially stressful, detail!?…………………….

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L.A. Wedding Sitter featured on LVL’s Wedding & Events Blog: on I Do (How To’s): Children At Your Wedding

I Do {How To’s} : Children at Your Wedding

When you picture your wedding, is it an adult or full family affair? As you figure out your vision for your wedding, your invite list and all the other details,…………

Blog Article By: Lindsay Val Longacre, Pricipal Planner Owner & Heather Hoesch, Principle Planner

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January 20, 2017

Meet Jessica Williams Flores of L.A. Wedding Sitter

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jessica Williams Flores.

Jessica, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far?

I have always loved children. Growing up in the South Bay (Manhattan Beach), I started babysitting in middle school and high school and worked as a nanny/babysitter when attending college.

After college, I worked in the television entertainment industry and owned my own floral design business called Themes. We worked all over Los Angeles. We specialized in weddings and events. I would work on the weekends and continued to babysit. Later I married and became my favorite role of all, a mother.

I had stopped working when my daughter Luna was born. I was attending a wedding with her when she was just 6 months old in San Francisco. It was an amazing event and they had two sitters there to help with the children which was great, I was thrilled!

My daughter being so young, couldn’t watch the movie they were showing in the other room and they didn’t have any other activities. I had brought toys for her to play with but the sitters had to come back and forth to get me from the reception while I was eating dinner so that I could soothe her. I ended up having to spend a lot of time in the room with my daughter instead of enjoying the reception.

After attending the wedding, the idea came to me. I decided to put all the things I love and my work experience together and L.A. Wedding Sitter was born.

In planning my own wedding, I really wanted an adult-only event and wanted my guests to enjoy our reception. I realized I wanted to create a solution to have a classy event, have your guests with their children included, and able to attend this momentous occasion.

I put my vision to work and started building the brand. My first event was for a close friend of mine with 20 little guests attending. It was a big success and I hit the ground running ever since.

When I first started the company L.A. Wedding Sitter was the only on-site, Los Angeles-based, wedding childcare service. I have been a stay at home Mom of two while running the business.

I am the PR, marketing, advertising, planner, in charge of booking the events, and one of the on-site sitters at almost all of our events that I can attend. Building this brand and company is my third child I need to be there and love being a part of each event.

Now we work events all over Southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego, and San Francisco (S.F. Wedding Sitter) over the past 8 years.

L.A. Wedding Sitter has been ensuring brides, grooms, hosts of parties, corporate companies and their guests, that you can have a child friendly event – just a room away.

We provide full supervision for the little guests with toys and games for all ages, decorating cupcakes and cookies for dessert, arts and crafts, tv’s with movies, Wii video games, face painting and karaoke, which are all included in our service. We transform a room into a kids club lounge/party area on site.

Guests, especially out of town guests with children, are thrilled to have this service and everyone leaves happy. Most of my clients and their guests have never experienced a service like ours before. Every event has been filled with praise and gratitude for our service.

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