Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bride: What does a Wedding Sitter do, and is it worth it?
L.A. Wedding Sitter:
Having a childcare service on-site to supervise and entertain children is a welcome relief to your guests. Many, especially out of town guests, are more likely to attend when their children can be near and well cared for. 
Your wedding party can really focus on you and your wedding activities knowing their children are in good hands! In addition, the cost of shared childcare can be more affordable than the price of individual sitters.
L.A. Wedding Sitter is more than just babysitters. We are a chic, fun, classy on-site entertainment just a room away for your little guests, including age specific games, arts and crafts, face painting, movies, story time, and supervised meals.
    Children LOVE it! Parents LOVE it! Having fun with the other little guests, making friends, and playing games- while their parents are enjoying themselves just a room away!
Bride: My Wedding party and guests have young children, and we want them to come to the wedding, but my budget is getting out of control. I don’t think I can pay for their childcare at our wedding too. How do I direct my Guests with children to your services?
L.A. Wedding Sitter:
You have a few options:
~ Send a tasteful L.A. Wedding Sitter insert(we offer a custom made insert for you at an additional fee) with your invitation, which gives your Guests our contact information, services, and website.
~ We are happy to work directly with and coordinate sharing the cost of our packages among your Guests with children.
~ Or if you would prefer not to send insert with your invitation
Link to your event website. Your Guests will appreciate your foresight and thoughtfulness.
Bride: Where will the childcare services take place?
L.A. Wedding Sitter:
Most venues have suites or hospitality rooms on-site that we can convert into a safe childcare area. We can work with your venue coordinator to come up with the safest and comfortable area for child care setup.
The venue may charge an additional fee for room, but if that greatly impacts your budget, you may consider having us set up a children’s reception area within your reception. 
Bride: I am still gathering RSVP’s for my wedding and don’t know exactly how many kids will be attending
L.A. Wedding Sitter:
Final head count is necessary 3-4 weeks before event so we have the appropriate number of caregivers available. 
* One week before event and after final head count, Full Payment is required.
Bride: How many childcare providers will be working at my event?
L.A. Wedding Sitter:
The childcare rule is 1 Adult to 4 Children, but we use more staff for infant care.  After reviewing the age of the children attending, we provide the necessary (and experienced) staff.  
For example: 
    4 children ages 0-2 yrs —  we recommend 2-3 sitters be assigned for your event
    4 children ages 5-12 yrs — Two sitter will be assigned
    5-10 children — two or three sitters, depending on age range
    11-20 children — three to five sitters depending on age range
Bride: Do you have childcare service for other Parties or Special Events or Individual childcare at hotel or venue?
L.A. Wedding Sitter:
Yes we do and also offer our services at Wedding Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner, Corporate events, Private Parties, Dinner Parties, Birthdays,Wrap Parties, Red Carpet Events,Bar & Bat Mitzvah,Holiday Parties, Social, and Individual
Hotel or Event childcare needs. 
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